The best lies are half-lies and half-truth. The same applies to April Fools’ Day campaigns.

But things can easily go south depends on what you decide to lie about. Note that sending your customers a fake €400 bill is not funny.

French Deliveroo April Fools’ Day Campaign Backfires

I cannot help but wonder, with the risk of making a fool of themselves and their customers, why should brands do April Fools’ Day campaigns? Well, it depends on what you want to achieve with this campaign.

1.To make some buzz and build brand awareness

2. Engage with an audience outside your typical audience

3. (My Favorite) Test the water for (crazy) potential new products..the responses might surprise you!

KitKat: Tea time
Stackoverflow: The Key

Executed right, April Fools’ Day is a once-in-a-year opportunity to get away from business-as-usual content and could be a cost-effective way to do brand awareness, product promotion, and market research.

TL;DR April Fools’ Day Campaigns ≠ one-day Jokes