The first-ever well-known viral marketing campaign in the internet age is probably Hotmail’s Get your free email at Hotmail”, a CTA they included at the bottom of every existing user’s email send that helped them gained 2 million subscribers in 7 months; still impressive by today’s standard.

The saturation of information makes viral marketing almost a necessity these days, that is if you want hypergrowth. A person on average sees more than 5K ads every day, so if your campaign doesn’t have the ‘virality’ element to it, it will be invisible.

The bottom line is don’t waste your money promoting a campaign if you don’t find it interesting or memorable yourself.

Below are some fun ‘viral’ campaigns I’ve seen, for your inspirations

MSCHF’s ‘The Office’ Slack Recreation

MSCHF’s ‘The Office’ Slack Recreation

Morning Brew’s Referral Program

Morning Brew’s Referral Program’s Video Campaign