This is a series where I'll break it down for you in bite-sized bits - how I'm incorporating AI workflows into my daily life and work. And I'll show you how you can do it too.

Featured tools: PaperTube | Tactiq | Claude

With the rise in popularity & quality of video content, there's a wealth of knowledge out there on YouTube. But unlike text, you can't simply skim through a video to quickly extract what you need.

If you want to learn a new subject or do content research, you have to spend a ridiculous amount of time filtering through the "ok" stuff to get to the real gems.

That is where I found I spent the most time when I do content research, so I want to cut down the time.

And I've found two killer AI workflow hacks that work well.

Tactiq + Claude

  • Enter any YouTube URL into to instantly generate a transcript.
  • Copy the transcript, paste it into Claude, and ask for a concise summary highlighting the main topics and key takeaways (example Claude prompt below).
  • Then work with Claude to break down the content further so you can quickly dive into the most relevant sections.
AI Workflow with Claude +
AI Workflow with Clau
AI Workflow with Claude


If you prefer to consume information through reading - try Papertube.

Not only does it give you the transcript and audio file for any YouTube video, but it also converts the content into Kindle e-books you can read through a collection of them on the go!

A little preview - for the next post in this series, I will show you why I think Claude is a superior tool to ChatGPT for writing like a "normal person".