Even if you’ve never heard of MSCHF (stand for "fans of mischief"), you’ve probably seen their holy water Nike air max “Jesus shoes” or the mystery box that took over Youtube. MSCHF is…well…I am not sure how to define them exactly, the company used to run ad campaigns for other companies, but now they only create their own stuff.


Some say it’s a viral marketing company, others say they make art online. It’s an idea house. No idea is off-limits for them to execute — a source of inspiration for anyone — hence this post*.

Stay curious, stay inspired!

*Text 917–540–3113 to get MSCHF drops yourself.

Drop #30 Medical Bill Art

3 medical bills turned into paintings to be sold and help erase the bills that amount to $73k -  talk about effective awareness campaign.

Drop #29 Multiplayer Bank Account

All players' cards connect to the same account, money is deposited at random, race to spend before others. Sometimes I feel like MISCHF use its campaigns to test the limit of people's willingness to do crazy things...a cultural revelation.

Drop #28 Dino Swords

A spin-off of the Chrome Dino game that makes you feel better when the WiFi is out. I played - it's as good as Mario Carts.

Drop #27 masterWiKi

MasterClass ($180/year) turned into free wikiHow style content. Hours of classes into one-pagers with some additional commentaries.


For many of you who swear your "echo" is listing to you. You can use this device to say bye bye to Bezos.

Drop #25 MSCHF X

MSCHF took brand collaboration to a new level, literally. 10 brands, 1 shirt, for $1010.10.

Drop #24 Finger on the App

A collaboration between Mr. Beast and MSCHF - whoever keep their fingers on the app the longest can win up to $25k. Four winners each walked away with $20k after players kept going after 70 hours...and Mr. Beast had to call an early end.

MSCHF Finger on the Phone

Drop #23 Donate 2X

MSCHF knows how to get big corporations to donate money.

MSCHF Donate 2x

*Only accessible through MSCHF app.

Drop #22 Icon Rewind*

If you are reminiscing about the old instagram logo like I do..

*Only accessible through MSCHF app.

Drop #21 The Office Slack

Another promo of Slack that went viral, and rightly so! Every episode of The Office was recreated in Slack and "streamed" live.

Drop #20 Severed Spots

A piece of art with 88 spots got every spot severed and sold individually for $480, the rest of the art (with 88 holes in it) got auctioned for $261k.

Art purchase price: $30,485, total sale: $303,640. Business ideas maybe?

MSCHF Severed Spots
MSCHF Severed Spots

Drop #19 Boomer Email

A weekly newsletter that forwards you email chains from real, anonymous boomers. The first one I received👇

MSCHF Boomer Email

Drop #18 Branded Books*

Classic books get branded and printed for purchase! Wow, just wow — never seen this amount of effort and creativity put into brand collabs.

*Only accessible through MSCHF app.

Drop #17 All the Streams

The service got shut down now of course, but it was live streaming shows on the six streaming sites — apparently a response to the fragmentation of online video streaming services.

Drop #16 MSCHF BOX

A mystery box contains items worth $0-$7k sold for $100. Or you choose not to open and return it to get $1k after 100 days.

Most people openedsome got $1k.


Drop #15 — Cuss Collar

A $60 collar that curses whenever your dog barks. A demo video for you to watch (barking starts at 45s).

MSCHF Cuss Collar

Drop #14 — Zuckwatch

You are supposed to figure out the password of this site — some discussion on Reddit — not sure anybody did.

MSCHF Zuckwatch

Drop #13 — ClickSwipe

A desktop app that swipes right on Tinder everytime you click your mouse.

Why did they make this? Explained on the app’s FAQ page:

MSCHF Clickswipe
  • This is the grim future we have to look forward to.
  • Dating has become a commodity.
  • Everything is meaningless.
  • This is just how the world already works.

Drop #12 — This Foot does not Exist

Text to receive computer-generated but very realistic foot pics (if you feel like it of course ).


Drop #11 Toaster Bathbomb

Take a bath with the MSCHF’s toaster bathbomb. The meme came to life. New product ideas maybe?