I've been writing marketing case studies (like I had been here) for a newsletter called Marketing Examined. It is on track to reach 500k subscribers by the end of 2023.

I've linked to some of my writings below. Go follow me there for weekly marketing examples and actionable tactics that you can use right away in your next marketing campaign!

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Creative Strategy

How To Convert Customer Objections Into Your Best Ad Hooks
A customers’ doubt is your opportunity. Because when someone voices their objection, that’s your chance to take it, scale it, and speak it to the masses through content.
How To Turn Negative Feedback Into A Positive ROAS
Discover the power of leveraging negative feedback for a positive return on ad spend (ROAS). Learn from Domino’s Pizza and Oats Overnight as they turned customer criticism into effective marketing strategies, driving growth and building trust.
6 Ad Creatives To Improve Your Click-Through Rate
Learn 6 effective ad creative ideas to improve your click-through rate, including using statistics, calling out your audience, and incorporating press screenshots and feature callouts. Experiment with different approaches to keep your static campaigns fresh and engaging.

DTC & Ecommerce

How To Create An In-Store Experience In E-commerce
Here’s how DTC brands can replicate an in-store experience through its website.
How To Increase Your Bottom Line With A Cashback Strategy
Here are the results of a simple discount strategy helped Crossnet. Seems simple, right?
How To Increase AOV & CLV Simultaneously
Learn about a successful A/B test that saw a significant increase in both average order value and conversion rate through a store credit offer for higher order values.
3 Tactics To Recover Abandon Carts
Struggle with customers abandoning their cart? Learn three tactics startups are using to recover abandoned carts on auto-pilot.
How Birdie Uses Confirmation Bias To Convert Customers
Learn how to use confirmation bias to convert customers. By aligning their messaging with the beliefs and desires of their target audience, Birdie captivates and inspires trust, resulting in higher conversions.

Growth Marketing

Jones Road Beauty’s Playbook For An Effective SMS Strategy
Learn the exact playbook Jones Road Beauty uses for an effective SMS strategy. We’re going to go over three specific tactics they use to increase conversions.
Avoid These 5 Growth Mistakes
Avoid common marketing mistakes with these effective solutions. Learn how to create a compelling SMS strategy, establish a clear content theme on TikTok, and scale your ad campaigns with aligned creative production.
How Beehiiv Used Growth Loops to Reach $100k MRR in 14 Months
Beehiiv grew to $100k MRR in 14 months organically. There are four primary growth loops that drove this growth. This case study breaks it down.

Brand Marketing

How To Advertise Like Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds is a master advertiser who uses “fast-vertising” to create high-value ads that are lean in production budget. He listens closely to cultural moments, uses small relatable moments to capture attention, and follows the “But & Therefore” rule to create momentum in his ads, getting the aud…